Gallery: Disposable

Finally got the photos from an old disposable camera developed? Worried about the current state of our planet? Feeling angsty about the people who have left you? Love making trash art? Us too! Send us your art for our Fall Call to Artists: Disposable. All mediums welcome!

Fall 2018

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Gallery: Nostalgia

‘Tis the season for nostalgia! We're thinking not only about the wistful sadness that comes with the holidays, but also about the use of older mediums to produce contemporary art. Just finished your Photogravure print class or Photo I prints in the darkroom? Collaging vintage magazines as a stress buster from finals? Working hard on your Shakespeare monologue? We wanna see it!

Winter 2018

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Gallery: Delirious & Displacement

Though seemingly remote from our own experience, all of us have felt feelings of otherness, of displacement or discomfort, and these are feelings that connect us to everyone around us. We are calling for art that connects with these themes in honor of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness in partnership with Project for the Homeless to reckon with both each individual sets of feelings which create ties between us.

Additionally, in response to the show "Delirous: Art at the Limits of Reason" on view at the MET Breuer, we're asking you to submit work that responds to the idea that "delirious times demand delirious art"

Fall 2017

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Gallery: Consumption

digital drawing by Anna Kaplan

Anna Kaplan.jpg

mixed media by Anderson Peguero

photograph by Emma Noelle 

emma noelle.jpg


collage by Charlotte Force


photography by Julia Girardoni

film by Trinity Lester

When consulting the idea of consumption I felt myself wanting to film the personal processes of going online shopping. As the idea progressed, I began to recall that so many of the places I may go to shop online were recently exposed for taking part in sweatshops. This led me to do some research on companies that I may not know were involved in the use of these abusive and unfair factories.

The video is of my screen, on the side you can see an array of desktop icons. Each of the icons shows a store that has been recognized as having sweatshops. These stores are then opened in tabs and throughout the video I take the time to explore their site. During the video I genuinely just clicked on what I was interested in, what looked worth clicking on, and what suited my needs. This became harder to do with the constant reminder of the sweatshops in the upper right background and left side of my desktop.

The video running is of myself eating chips to show what I feel is the most basic level of
consumption. For me the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the topic is eating. So in the video I eat (quite impolitely and a little wildly) to show that basic primal consumption that I first thought of.

The audio is a mash up of my crunching over the hectic sounds of a factory. This ties the
clothing back to the industrial while the reminder of my chewing and my personal presence remains.

Lastly, the rose colored filter increases in opacity with each odd jump or break that I randomly placed in the video. The filter reminded me of the common saying “to see life through rose colored glasses,” because here it was difficult for me to look past the harsh reality of sweatshops that these clothes were made in.


paintings and sculptures by Laura Isabel Dabalsa

pen and ink drawing by Galiba Gofur

Galiba Gofur.jpg

Gallery: Lies and Illusions

Poetry by David Sierra

Intaglio Print by Ella Viscardi

Intaglio Print and Illustration by Jacquelyn Klein

Painting by Genevieve Nemeth 

Writing by Shreyas Manohar

Prints by Olivia Loomis 

Illustrations by Amanda Ba

Photography by Clara Hirsch

Fiction by Anderson Peguero

Gallery: Intimacy

Drawings by Ella Viscardi

Photography by Julia Girardoni

Photography by Kea Buretel

Digital Media by Camille Ramos

Photography by Emma Noelle

Photography by Clara Hirsch

Gallery: FOUND

Emma Noelle 

Dead flower Jan 2017 MD.jpg
Statue B&W Jan 2018 2 DC.jpg

Sarah Barlow-Ochshorn

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 2.45.16 PM.png

Sophie Kovel 

Work in Progress: Educational. The images below are all screenshots of the construction of the Manhattanville Lenfest Center via Google Maps.

India Halsted

Caroline Wallis