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SNOCK Presents: Help Ethan Fall In Love With A Major

Ethan Fenlon with the middle name Samuel, born on September 10th 1998 is a second year student at CC; he is a little lost; he has been roaming this cold, scary world without a major. His hobbies include eating pizza (he doesn't care where from, no frills), making shoes, and shopping classes. He is a birdeater (the other option being a horse eater), an early bird who always catches the worm, and wants a handpainted rose on his wrist. Snock is his happy place. He's helpless and needs to decide a major. YOU can help him fall in love with one.

SNOCK is playing matchmaker.

Join us for an unforgettable night in which Ethan will finally know what his future holds.

Performers include:

Caroline Sky
Lila Wolfe
Ben Bieser
Maude Latour

Earlier Event: February 20
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