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Snock Dives Deep: Turtle vs. Tortoise

Salt vs. pepper, crunchy vs. soft, gnat vs. fly, soda vs. pop, leather vs. lace, but all these diametrically opposed things cripple in comparison to a TRUE rivalry……


One in sea, one in land, but really who would win in a fight? Turtles (Testudines) move at a rapid speed of 1.1-6.3 mph UNDERWATER while wikipedia won’t tell us what speed a Tortoise (Testudinidae) moves at! So you tell us! 

Who would win a race? Who would win a game of chess? Twister? Catan? Dungeons and Dragons? Scrabble? 

Thursday is your chance to aggressively take a side and while you’re at it, hear some tunes~~~

Ethan James
Jackie Venice and Rachel
Cassidy, Emily, Luis

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