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WBAR Spring DJ Applications Due!

Our Goals for the semester:

We want WBAR to be an equitable, inclusive, and accessible organization on campus. We recognize that currently we have a lot of work to do in this area, and we recognize the importance of fostering an environment that values and uplifts individuals of all identities and experiences. Addressing these issues takes undoing historical and institutional challenges. 

This semester, we are actively seeking ways to open a dialogue about how WBAR, as an organization, can be more inclusive and contribute to a more equitable community within our organization and at Barnard as a whole. We are hoping this can be an ongoing dialogue we have. 
While we are ready to do the "heavy lifting" and not put the work on marginalized communities to address these issues, we are hoping for feedback, input, and open conversation toward this aim and are committed to cultivating an environment in which we are proactive about this goal. 

In the past semester we attempted to reach these goals by: 

  • Increasing visibility on campus: (holding general interest meetings, hiring two promotion directors, sending direct invitations to other student organizations, having DJs play sets at campus events, increasing social media presence)
  • Booking acts reflective of the communitys needs 
  • Making all our events wheelchair accessible
  • Opening executive board positions to students who have not yet served as DJs
  • Petitioning for a new space
  • Holding a listening session, a town hall meeting and sending out an end-of-semester survey

While we continue to work on the above, this semester we also plan on continuing to work towards our goals by:

  • Fostering closer relationships between the staff and DJs and between DJs and DJs
  • Making staff a resource for DJs to come to with any needs or concerns
  • Amplifying marginalized voices by diversifying programming
Earlier Event: January 29
Mitra Jouhari//Yedoye Travis
Later Event: January 31
Art and Equity