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Spring Awakening ZINE (Call for Submissions)

after the succcess of the FAKE LOVE ZINE party, Say Word and I have decided to partner up again for another Zine and Zine party!

the theme is SPRING AWAKENING:

- times when you're come from your darkness (mentally/physically/whatever) to the 'light'
- times when you've felt yourself grow!
- times when you've felt you needed to grow and were unable to
- times when you realized HOLY SHIT wow i never knew this about myself (ie, wow, i like all sorts of folks sexually! wow, i really don't like friends who talk about xyz! wow, instagram makes me depressed! ha ha not drawing on personal experiences or anything!!)
- times when you realized DAMn i love sex!! i am a sexual being!
- times when you literally need to get TF out of winter because s.a.d is real as hell!
- anything to do with realizing stuff..... like because this year is the year of... realizing things... you know... 

workshop it, think about it, lmk..... wahoooooo!


scan or send your zine (2 pages max pls!) to with the title "Spring Awakening Zine Submission"

the size is going to be half a printer page PER submission, so 5.5 x 8.5 inches. 

WE WILL ALSO HAVE ANOTHER LAUNCH PARTY ON APRIL 6TH!. this time, bigger and better and so well organized... but those details are gonna come along in about a month! stay peeled!