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  • Basement of St. Paul's Chapel 1160 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)

Postcrypt Art Gallery Presents:


“A codex is a book constructed of a number of sheets of paper, vellum, papyrus, or similar materials, with hand-written contents.”

We are putting on a show about the process of self-archiving, and the tangible results thereof.
We want your sketchbooks, journals, notebooks- any pieces of your ritual documentation of ideas, concepts, learning, and the creative process. In book-form.
We are concerned with ‘book-ness’ and the codex because, by it’s very nature, it is at once a single piece of work and many. While it feels like a dated concept, they are constantly being produced and in them we chronicle much of what goes unstated in finalized manifestations of our thoughts.
The noncommittal nature of a sketchbook or journal allows for relatively unfiltered expression of ideas which may not ultimately ‘become’ anything, (in a world so concerned with production!) but which are archived- be it for later reference or for the sake or archiving.
This will not be a show concerning the final product, but rather a snapshot of the process by which one actualizes one’s thoughts.
Your works will be safe- viewers will receive a pair of gloves to handle the books, which will be laid out on tables around the gallery space.

Opening Reception:

Friday 14 October, 6:00pm, Postcrypt Art Gallery
Basement of St. Paul’s Chapel: 1160 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY

Earlier Event: October 8
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