Theme: Displacement

Living in New York we constantly come into contact with individuals that are displaced from usual society. We rush by them rather than stopping to notice, made uncomfortable by inequity or the lack of cash on our persons. Though seemingly remote from our own experience, all of us have felt feelings of otherness, of displacement or discomfort, and these are feelings that connect us to everyone around us. We have all experienced those transitions that make us uncomfortable, that remove us from stability and take us into the unknown. We are calling for art that connects with these themes in honor of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness in partnership with Project for the Homeless to reckon with both each individual sets of feelings which create ties between us. All mediums welcome! Send all submissions to with the subject "Your Name, CTA: Displacement" by Sunday November 26th. Your work will be featured in an online gallery, in our annual yearbook, and in an exhibition with its location to be determined!